Putting secrets in environment variables is stupid.

There seems to be this infatuation, especially in the Rails community, with putting secret information inside environment variables. Now, even if I take off my old crufty Solaris hat and ignore what the ‘-e’ flag of ps means on that platform: this is a stupid, pointless idea. The process environment... [Read More]

dvtm + iTerm2

A usable console tiling solution

Working so much with iOS, I’ve had to be primarily on a Mac for the last year. I’ve been spending most of my time in X, as dwm + terminals has been my primary working environment for years. However, having upgraded to a Retina Macbook, X looks freaking horrible compared... [Read More]

More useful console apps

On my software (http://grumplicio.us/software.html) page, I mention a few console applications that I use regularly, like tmux, mutt, w3m, cmus, and calcurse. I’ve recently discovered a couple more applications that are worth knowing about if you prefer to do most of your work in a terminal-based environment. Taskwarrior... [Read More]

Stealth teleconference

So, I oftentimes find myself in a place where I can’t really take a confidential phone call, or I have to step away from the computer to take a conference call where I’m mostly just listening. I have found a way to take calls from wherever I’m sitting without being... [Read More]