Stealth teleconference

So, I oftentimes find myself in a place where I can’t really take a confidential phone call, or I have to step away from the computer to take a conference call where I’m mostly just listening. I have found a way to take calls from wherever I’m sitting without being concerned about being overheard.

This is on OS X, but you could probably accomplish the same thing with Pulseaudio and/or Jack.

First, grab a copy of Soundflower:


Start Skype, and change your microphone input to be the 2ch Soundflower device.

Now, open the terminal and type:

say -a "?"

It will give you an audio device list. Pick the number of the Soundflower device. Let’s say it’s 199.

Now, you can speak using:

say -a 199

Yes, I was listening intently, but have no comments.